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Get Full Mouth Restoration in Bangkok

Thousands of medical tourists travel to Thailand each year to get full mouth restoration in Bangkok. The procedure is also known in the dental industry as full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation. Full Mouth Restoration in Bangkok

Indications and Qualifications

Aside from the over-all physical look of a person’s smile, full mouth restoration qualifies candidates based on the conditions of three main structures in the mouth:

  1. Teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Damaged teeth
    • Due to injury or trauma
    • Due to tooth decay
    • Due to erosion from acidic substances like alcohol
  • Insufficient gum tissue
  • Periodontal disease
  • Bone density issues within gums
  1. Gums
  2. Temporomandibular joints and muscles
  • Disorders like TMJ Syndrome (Temporamandibular Joint Syndrome)
  • Occlusion or Bite stability and positioning

Procedures Involved in Full Mouth Restoration

The story of full mouth restoration was originally a long one, but with the advent of state of the art facilities and technology, dental clinics in Thailand are able to offer this procedure to medical tourists who do not have to stay months in the country to avail this procedure.

Dental implant procedures with crowns, for example, used to take months to complete now a patient can opt to receive immediate load implants in Bangkok and can leave the dental clinic hours after with a bright new smile.

The following is how this process is made possible in such a short period of time.

  1. Treatment planning
  • Medical tourists can consult with dental clinics in Thailand remotely.
  • They can send over their mouth X-rays, MRI, or CT-Scan images through the internet or a forwarding company.
  • Phone consultations are also in order, so that the dental expert can discuss the case in detail with the patient.
  • A schedule can be drafted based on the treatment agreed upon, and the patient can then plan his trip for the full mouth reconstruction in Bangkok.
  • Depending on the treatment plan, the dental surgeon administers some or all of the following procedures:
    • Jaw repositioning
    • Tooth extraction
    • Placement of dental implants and crowns
    • Orthodontic braces
    • Bone and tissue grafting
    • Teeth cleaning and whitening Busy Road in Sukhumvit Bangkok
  • The length of stay in Bangkok is determined by which procedures above are required to be administered to the patient.
  • Medical tourists can opt to visit Bangkok once or twice a year, or they can visit their local dentist in their home country for maintenance work after their full mouth reconstruction.
  • For those who choose to do this in their own country, dental clinics in Bangkok are willing to provide copies of their Thailand dental records for their local dentists to use as reference.
  1. Reconstructive procedures
  1. Maintenance and Follow Up visits

Highlights of Bangkok’s Full Mouth Reconstruction Programs

  • The city has numerous internally-accredited hospitals and clinics.
  • Thailand dental surgeons are highly qualified, and most are educated and trained internationally.
  • Patients may visit many places in Bangkok, while there for this procedure: temples, shopping districts, beaches, and food establishments in formal restaurants or street stalls.
  • The low cost of living makes the cost of full mouth reconstruction procedure affordable without having to sacrifice the quality of the work done.
  • Foreigners who choose to get full mouth restoration in Bangkok only pay a small fraction of what it usually costs in countries in North America and Europe.


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